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Statistically significant

A LANL statistician helps cosmologists and epidemiologists grasp their data and answer vital questions.


Planet-friendly plastics

June 2023

A Los Alamos team applies machine learning to find environmentally benign plastics.


Boxing in software

August 2022

At Los Alamos, novel container software is accelerating innovative science while ensuring supercomputer reliability and uptime.


Scaling up metadata

May 2020

A Los Alamos National Laboratory and Carnegie Mellon University exascale file system helps scientists sort through enormous amounts of records and data to accelerate discoveries.


Multiphysics models for the masses

November 2018

Los Alamos tool lends user flexibility to ease use of stockpile-stewardship physics simulations.


Booting up Trinity

July 2017

The unusual architecture in Los Alamos National Laboratory’s newest supercomputer is a step toward the exascale – systems around a hundred times more powerful than today’s best machines.


Bits of corruption

July 2015

Los Alamos’ extensive study of HPC platforms finds silent data corruption in scientific computing – but not much.


After the thaw

February 2014

Simulations of melting permafrost promise changes in climate modeling.


Predicting solar assaults

September 2013

When Earth’s magnetosphere snaps and crackles, power and communications technologies can break badly. Three-dimensional simulations of magnetic reconnection aim to forecast the space storms that disrupt and damage.


Enlightening predictions

June 2012

Computer simulations of hurricane lightning could be the key to predicting and avoiding the storms’ real-world punch.


A long view of Gulf oil spill

April 2011

While others predicted when oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico might reach beaches, ocean modelers at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the National Center for Atmospheric Research asked when gushing oil might exit the Gulf, where it would go and how diluted it’d be, up to a year later.


Extending the stockpile’s lifespan

December 2009

Just how does prolonged exposure to nuclear radiation change a material’s properties? How do those changes alter the way a weapon performs? A Los Alamos team quantifies these and other uncertainties.