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Monte Basgall is a freelance writer and former reporter for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Miami Herald and Raleigh News & Observer. For 17 years he covered the basic sciences, engineering and environmental sciences at Duke University.

August 2018

Higher learning

August, 2018 Updated: August, 2018

Computational Science Graduate Fellow Alnur Ali rides an early career at Microsoft to the upper ranks of machine-learning research.


March 2018

Water works

March, 2018 Updated: March, 2018

Complex simulations are unraveling the idiosyncrasies of this unique liquid’s behavior.


August 2017

Cloud forebear

August, 2017 Updated: February, 2018

A data-management system called PanDA anticipated cloud computing to analyze the universe’s building blocks.


December 2015

Cables in one of 30 cabinets that comprise Edison, a Cray XC30 supercomputer at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center.

Powering down

December, 2015 Updated: December, 2015

PNNL team views ‘undervolting’ — turning down the power supplied to processors — as a way to make exascale computing feasible.


July 2015

Bits of corruption

July, 2015 Updated: July, 2015

Los Alamos’ extensive study of HPC platforms finds silent data corruption in scientific computing – but not much.


December 2014

Undersea link to LHC

December, 2014 Updated: December, 2014

The Energy Science Network, the high-speed fiber optic data pipeline that has connected all 17 U.S. national laboratories for almost 30 years, will cross the Atlantic Ocean this year. The network will link with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) near Geneva and with other information-intensive European research projects. The network, managed by Lawrence Berkeley National […]


A smashing success

December, 2014 Updated: December, 2014

The world’s particle colliders unite to share and analyze massive volumes of data.


September 2014

Sidebar: Joints modeling: A worldwide movement

September, 2014 Updated: September, 2014

Matthew Brake, a principal research scientist at Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico, estimates that several thousand researchers worldwide are striving to improve how mechanical joints are modeled on computers. Many work in laboratories led by 80 active members of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ Research Committee on the Mechanics of Jointed Structures, which Brake […]


Joint venture

September, 2014 Updated: September, 2014

Sandia National Laboratories investigators turn to advanced modeling to test the reliability of the joints that hold nuclear missiles together.


August 2013

Star power

August, 2013 Updated: August, 2013

A Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory researcher simulates the physics that fuel the sun, with an eye toward creating a controllable fusion device that can deliver abundant, carbon-free energy.


January 2011

Small team carries large load

January, 2011 Updated: November, 2011

Sandia National Laboratories computer scientist Ronald Minnich calls the desktop-extension supercomputing project a large effort with a small team. “To do it with only four other people is pretty unusual,” Minnich says. “I would assume a normal company would allocate at least 10 times as many people to the effort. A lot of things we’ve […]


Laptop supercomputing

January, 2011 Updated: November, 2011

A small team led by Sandia National Laboratories is attempting to virtually put the world’s most powerful supercomputers on a user’s own desktop or laptop.