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Andy Boyles is contributing science editor for Highlights for Children Inc. and a freelance science writer and editor.

September 2018

Swimming lessons

September, 2018 Updated: September, 2018

A Berkeley Lab-Northwestern University team follows fish movements to build energy-efficiency algorithms.


July 2017

Booting up Trinity

July, 2017 Updated: February, 2018

The unusual architecture in Los Alamos National Laboratory’s newest supercomputer is a step toward the exascale – systems around a hundred times more powerful than today’s best machines.


April 2017

No passing zone

April, 2017 Updated: April, 2017

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory models the blood-brain barrier to find ways for drugs to reach their target.


February 2016

Bright future

February, 2016 Updated: February, 2016

The smart grid turns to high-performance computing to guide its development and keep it working.


November 2015

Analysis restaurant

November, 2015 Updated: November, 2015

The AnalyzeThis system deals with the rush of huge data-analysis orders typical in scientific computing.


September 2015

Noisy universe

September, 2015 Updated: September, 2015

Berkeley Lab cosmologists sift tsunamis of data for signals from the birth of galaxies.


April 2015

Sneak kaboom

April, 2015 Updated: June, 2015

At Argonne, research teams turn to supercomputing to study a phenomenon that can trigger surprisingly powerful explosions.


August 2014

Life underground

August, 2014 Updated: August, 2014

A PNNL team builds models of deep-earth water flows that affect the tiny organisms that can make big contributions to climate-changing gases.


December 2013

Rewinding the universe

December, 2013 Updated: December, 2013

Dark energy propels the universe to expand faster and faster. Researchers are using simulations to test different conceptions about how this happens.


July 2013

Argentina's Perito Moreno glacier.

Deciphering the big thaw

July, 2013 Updated: July, 2013

Scientists thought they had figured out what ended the last ice age – except for one nagging problem. Researchers using Oak Ridge National Laboratory computers may now have discovered the final answer.


March 2013

Cosmic questions

March, 2013 Updated: March, 2013

MIT’s Dragos Velicanu is helping sort through data from the Large Hadron Collider for clues to the mysteries surrounding the strong force and the early universe.


Seeking new angles

March, 2013 Updated: March, 2013

Dragos Velicanu likes to look at just about everything from a fresh perspective. “Outside work, I like to travel, go camping, hiking, skiing – basically see the world from all elevations, seasons and angles,” says the Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship recipient at MIT. What’s more, he’s fortunate that his advisor is Gunther […]