New podcast features labs and fellows

Host Sarah Webb. (Photo: Oak Ridge National Laboratory.)

To mark the Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship’s (DOE CSGF) 30th anniversary, the Krell Institute – which manages the fellowship – is launching the podcast Science in Parallel. The first season will feature current and former fellows, with the first two of six episodes now available here. Episode 1 is a conversation with Jeff Hittinger, director of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Center for Applied Computing and a DOE CSGF alumnus; the second episode is a panel discussion with three recent fellowship graduates on artificial intelligence and climate change. Podcast host Sarah Webb is Krell’s associate science media editor, whose work has appeared in NatureScienceChemical & Engineering NewsThe Scientist and many others.

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Bill Cannon

The author is science media manager at the Krell Institute.

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Bill Cannon

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