Extreme 3-D

Argonne’s Advanced Photon Source upgrades to large-sample 3-D imaging beyond the depth of field – with assistance from high-performance computing. Read More

June, 2021

Simulating computing’s future

Among Ang Li’s many other projects at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, he and his colleagues also have developed a quantum… Read More

January, 2021

Undersea link to LHC

The Energy Science Network, the high-speed fiber optic data pipeline that has connected all 17 U.S. national laboratories for almost… Read More

December, 2014

Making hydrogen

On the roads around the Bay Area in 2015, there's a good chance Brandon Wood will spot one of the… Read More

October, 2014

Sidebar: Joints modeling: A worldwide movement

Matthew Brake, a principal research scientist at Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico, estimates that several thousand researchers worldwide are striving… Read More

September, 2014

Big explosions, big pictures

For discovering significant supernova phenomena and simulation flaws, several pairs of eyes beat pages of numbers, Anthony Mezzacappa says. Data… Read More

May, 2014

Rewinding the universe

Dark energy propels the universe to expand faster and faster. Researchers are using simulations to test different conceptions about how… Read More

December, 2013

Balancing act

A Pacific Northwest National Laboratory researcher is developing approaches to spread the work evenly over scads of processors in a… Read More

October, 2013

Sizing up the scales

Exploring the breaking and rejoining of magnetic-field lines requires simulations and computation. A simulation’s accuracy, however, depends on various issues… Read More

September, 2013

Foiling airflow error

Portraying airflow over wings and other fluid movement is tricky. A Department of Energy award for early-career researchers is helping… Read More

June, 2013

Cosmic questions

MIT's Dragos Velicanu is helping sort through data from the Large Hadron Collider for clues to the mysteries surrounding the… Read More

March, 2013

Seeking new angles

Dragos Velicanu likes to look at just about everything from a fresh perspective. “Outside work, I like to travel, go… Read More

March, 2013

Sun on Earth

Simulations at Sandia National Laboratories reveal that using magnetism to heat and insulate fusion fuel could recreate solar conditions in… Read More

January, 2013

Putting Big Squeeze Fusion to the Test

A new Sandia National Laboratories-based approach to fusion that’s shown promise in computational simulations has passed its first bricks-and-mortar experimental… Read More

January, 2013

Filling in the blanks

To prevent important information from being missed, a Berkeley Lab team is improving how supercomputers divvy up the ponderous tasks… Read More

November, 2012

Going deep

The discovery of that our universe is expanding at an accelerating rate garnered a 2011 Nobel Prize for Saul Perlmutter… Read More

November, 2012

Overcoming resistance

To find a path around antibiotic resistance, a team working with the Intrepid supercomputer at Argonne National Laboratory is simulating… Read More

October, 2012

A timely death

Speed kills, as the slogan says, and in computers what it kills could be disease. Argonne National Laboratory researcher Andrew… Read More

October, 2012

A spontaneous collaboration

In 2007, when Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) researchers calculated that adding boron would bend carbon nanotubes, they did little… Read More

September, 2012

Twice-stuffed permafrost

A Pacific Northwest National Laboratory computation suggests that the water-gas compounds found in ocean permafrost can provide energy and store… Read More

July, 2012

Prime-time punch

The mantis shrimp packs one of the strongest punches on Earth. Computational Science Graduate Fellow Michael Rosario is investigating the… Read More

March, 2012

Mining for aerosols and other particles

Klaus Mueller’s latest n-dimensional visualization work capitalizes on a decade-long collaboration with Department of Energy atmospheric chemist Alla Zelenyuk, work… Read More

December, 2011

Tracing CFCs and greenhouse gases

National Center for Atmospheric Research oceanographer Synte Peacock studies “the distribution of various tracers – something that tags a water… Read More

April, 2011

Cranking up the speed of DFT

Density functional theory (DFT) can be used to determine densities of protons and neutrons making up a nucleus. “If we… Read More

March, 2011

Small team carries large load

Sandia National Laboratories computer scientist Ronald Minnich calls the desktop-extension supercomputing project a large effort with a small team. “To… Read More

January, 2011